ANME launch

Launched as an informal whatsapp group with the main objective to discuss, evaluate, invest and guide the startups. The group was launched with angel investors and aspiring angel investors from the Middle East. ANME is having interested angel investors from other regions as well to support the objectives for the group.

May 01, 2017

1st Investment

ANME angel investors participated in www.pinkblue.in funding round.

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2nd Investment

ANME investors participated in www.syonacosmetics.com funding round

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3rd Investment

ANME participated in www.kobster.com funding round

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4th Investment

ANME participated in www.ftltechsys.com funding round

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5th Investment

ANME participated in www.lotadata.com funding round

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6th Investment

ANME participates in www.sumhr.com funding round.

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7th Investment

ANME invests in www.cavliwireless.com

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8th Investment

ANME members participates in the funding round of www.rocketium.com via www.1crowd.co investment platform.

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9th Investment

ANME angel investors invests in www.crosspaymt.com.

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10th Investment

ANME members participated in the funding round of www.boardinfinity.com

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11th Investment

ANME investors participated in the funding round of www.playo.co

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