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We are a group of angel investors based mainly in the Middle East, USA, Europe, India and South East Asia. We support startups through individual investments and guide them throughout their journey.
We invest in startups that are innovative in problem solving, fast growing with the support of technology and , adds great value to the stakeholders and run by passionate, focused & committed teams.
We are sector agnostic and exploring the opportunities those can create greater value.


Information Technology

SaaS, Big Data, IOT, AI and IP based platforms, products and services.


Unique, value adding and scalable Market Places, B2B & B2C related platforms for products and services.

Financial Technology (Fin-Tech)

Innovative and disruptive B2B & B2C related platforms, products and services.

Health Care & Research (Health-Tech)

Innovative and disruptive platforms, products and services.

Consumer Tech

Scalable, innovative and disruptive platforms, products and services that add value to the mass of consumers in various industries.


ANME launch

Launched as an informal whatsapp group with the main objective to discuss, evaluate, invest and guide the startups. The group was launched with angel investors and aspiring angel investors from the Middle East. ANME is having interested angel investors from other regions as well to support the objectives for the group.

May 01, 2017

1st Investment

ANME angel investors participated in www.pinkblue.in funding round.

Learn MoreOct 15, 2017

2nd Investment

ANME investors participated in www.syonacosmetics.com funding round

Learn MoreDec 26, 2017

3rd Investment

ANME participated in www.kobster.com funding round

Learn MoreDec 27, 2017

4th Investment

ANME participated in www.ftltechsys.com funding round

Learn MoreMar 15, 2018

5th Investment

ANME participated in www.lotadata.com funding round

Learn MoreMar 25, 2018

6th Investment

ANME participates in www.sumhr.com funding round.

Learn MoreOct 15, 2018

7th Investment

ANME invests in www.cavliwireless.com

Learn MoreNov 05, 2018

8th Investment

ANME members participates in the funding round of www.rocketium.com via www.1crowd.co investment platform.

Learn MoreApr 18, 2019

9th Investment

ANME angel investors invests in www.crosspaymt.com.

Learn MoreJun 05, 2019

10th Investment

ANME members participated in the funding round of www.boardinfinity.com

Learn MoreJun 23, 2019

11th Investment

ANME investors participated in the funding round of www.playo.co

Learn MoreJan 15, 2020

What we do


Our members invest in startups after evaluation, discussions and due diligence.


Our members mentor the startups on a case to case basis in addition to the overall support we provide to the them.

Supporting Growth

Our members from industries and professional domains supports startups for business development, reach to business networks, facilitate introductions, corporate matchmaking etc.

We welcome you to join our network to explore the opportunities..

We are an informal network at the moment and our members collaborate while evaluating and investing in startups...


Akshay Randeva

Rajendra Bhanushali

Padmaja Nambiar

Deepak Khushalani

Ankush Khazanchi

CA Valerian Dalmaida

Anshul Srivastav

Deepu Mathew

CA Rohan Saraf

Joe D'Cruz

Madhusudan Swami

CA Thomas Mathew

Sajid Ahmed Khan

CA Anto Joseph

CA Muralikrishnan Raman Pillai

Vickram Anand

CA Ashish Bhandari

Pankaj Khadye

Tushar Vir

Hari Prasad

Hari S Kaimal

CA Thariq Rasheed

CA Jayessh Guptaa

Parthasarathy Pillairkulam

Sandeep Katta

CA V. V. Ravichandran


Abhijeet Kumar

CA Priyesh Kapadia

Sumit Sasi

Hareram Jha

Sangameswar Rao

CA Deepa Lekhshmi

Pavan Kumar

Shameer Abdul Khader

Rishikesh Singh

Nazeer Bavu

Lokendra Chauhan

Kushagra Agarwal

Dr. Suddharsan Dhanakoti Subbramaniyam

CA Amit Kumar Kauntia

Nagoor Monnapillai

Dalip Sethi

CA Jithin Pallikandy


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